Automating rotation of keytab on Unified Access Gateway for Identity Bridging Use Cases



  • Author: Andreano Lanusse
  • Email:
  • Date Created: 10/14/2019
  • Supported Platforms: Unified Access Gateway 3.7 and above


This script automated the process of rotating keytab files on Unified Access Gateway, including create new keytabs and update related IIS configurations.

The script will perform the following operations:

  • Create a keytab file and update service account password using ktpass
  • Upload keytab file to Unified Access Gateway using REST API
  • Update IIS Application Pool Identity with new credentials
  • Reset IIS

After successfully execute the script, the Web Reverse Proxy instances configured on Unified Access Gateway and associated with the keytab SPN will restart to establish a new connection with the KDC based on the new keytab, after that the internal web applications will be available to the external users.


To execute this script successfully, you need to:

  1. Download the uagkeytabrotate.psm1 and runsample.ps1 script files into a local folder on the IIS Server hosting the internal website frontend by Unified Access Gateway
  2. Import the module using the following PS command Install-Module .\uagkeytabrotate.psm1

The module contains the following commands:

  • New-Keytabfile - generate new keytab files based on the informed parameters, behind the scene it uses the ktpass utility

  • Connect-UAG - Validate the connection with UAG and obtain authorization token to use with the other UAG related commands.

  • Get-Keytabs - return the list of SPNs available on UAG

  • Import-Keytab - upload the new keytab file to UAG

  • Update-IIS - update the DefaultAppPool identity with the new credentials and reset IIS - The Application Pool Name can be overriden using the parameter -appPoolName

How to execute the script

Launch a PowerShell console as an administrator user, open the runsample.ps1 file, and update the following variables that will be used by the commands:

  • $spn - Service Principal Name used to generate the keytab
  • keytabfile - name of the new keytabfile including the path
  • domain - domain of the service account
  • username - username for the service account that password needs to be updated
  • newpassword - new password for the UAG account
  • uaguser - username for the UAG account with admin privileges
  • uagpassword - password for the UAG account
  • uaghostname - UAG instance where keytab rotation will be performed

You need to open the runsample.ps1 file and update the variable values, save and run the script as:



Additional details on the concept and use cases to apply this script, check out this blog post on Tech Zone Automating Keytab Rotation for Identity Bridging on VMware Unified Access Gateway

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