PowerShell modules to expose functions to manage VMWare vCloud Availability via PowerShell or PowerShell Core 6+. This module is designed for PowerShell administrators to be able to automate life cycling activities for vCloud Availability and perform operational tasks. It can also be used by Service Provider customers to assist in automating tasks.

Please Note: This is a community supported module. It is not provided by, affiliated with or supported by VMWare. I am developing functionality as the need arises so there is a lot more work to do and contributions are welcome.

Installation/Quick Start

Install VMware.vCAV.Community module from the PowerShell Gallery:

Install-Module -Name VMware.vCAV.Community -Scope CurrentUser
Import-Module VMware.vCAV.Community

Connect to the vCloud Availability Service using a supported authentication method

Connect-vCAVService -Server "vcav.pigeonnnuggets.com" -AuthProvider vCDLogin

After that your pretty much ready to roll.


All of the cmdlets in the module should have well described PowerShell help available. For a list of cmdlets available use the Get-Command *vCAV* command after the module has been imported or installed. For detailed help including examples please use Get-help <cmdlet> -Detailed (e.g. Get-help Get-vCAVReplications -Detailed). If you have any questions about usage please don't hesitate to contact me on Twitter or the VCPP/vExpert/VMWare Code Slack.

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