Super Metric - Cluster Total Disk Space Less Local Datastores

If you'd like to have total available disk space for a cluster that doesn't include local datastore space.  This uses the "where" clause with looping to add up all child datastores that have the Summary|Is Local property set to "true" value.  May work in 7.5 and earlier, but built with 8.0.  "Where" clause was added in an earlier release so check documentaiton to make sure it is available in your version.

${this, metric=diskspace|total_capacity}-sum(${adaptertype=VMWARE, objecttype=Datastore, metric=DiskSpace|capacity, depth=10, where = "summary|isLocal equals true" })

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4626027984 10 months ago
Hi..can you help to create a formula for count of the total number of datastores but excluding the ones with the name "local". Thank you for your help....Harry