VM Summary Dashboard v3

I've been adjusting vROps summary dashboards recently, this is my favorite one for VMs.

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 12.07.20 PM.png

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1476620302 3 years ago
Thanks for the wonderful Dashboard. If i click the DRS unhappy VMs it is not showing the list of VMs.
Would like you understand on what exactly this will help to tweak the infrastructure ?
3109863499 3 years ago
The top widget is a scoreboard with metrics against vSphere world, there is no relationship between vSphere World and VMs, so I can't create that interaction. The list of VMs will always be all VMs, I've updated the dashboard and screenshot above to be more clear.

That said, you can drive the scoreboard at the top with custom groups containing each type of VM. By selected that group, you can then drive the VM object list as children of that group. I shy away from using custom groups on dashboards I share, but this can be done.