HCX Progress Dashboard

A simple, but very effective dashboard for showing the progress of migrating VM's between vCenters using HCX.  This is great for NOC, Ops, management to use to get access to the HCX migrations without the need for anyone to login directly to HCX to get updates every so often.


  • The VMware Management Pack for HCX to be installed
  • All HCX instances connected into the vROps

Create a dashboard, and a view for each source and destination path.  For example, if you have 2 old DC's (DC1 and DC2) and migrating to 2 new DC's (DC3 and DC4), you need to create 4 different views: DC1-->DC3, DC1-->DC4, DC2-->DC3, and DC2-->DC4.

Each view will need to have the following:

  • Presentation: Pie chart
  • Subject: Cold and Bulk Migration
  • Data: Progress Info | Progress (%),  Summary|Status, summary|Switchover Window
  • Filter: Summary|Source contains <Source HCX Server>, AND Summary|Target contains <Target HCX Server>, AND Summary|Status not contains aborted, AND Summary|Status not contains Migration Failed, AND Progress Info|Progress%) is less than 100

Once HCX migrations begin to happen, the dashboard will provide near real time status of the VM's.

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