Modify VCE Mgt IP - 2.x to 3.x Profile Migration - Python


This is a sample script that could be used to assign a unique Management IP for each VCE which would help customers who either require a unique IP mgt per Edge or either doing a profile migration from network-based 2.x to segment aware based 3.x where would be applied to all edges.

This script has 2 dependencies:

1-First it imports to handle vco connection/authentication which is available here :

2-It needs an input CSV file with any name without a need to add the ext. as edge.csv as the script already adding .csv to any name provided by the script.

CSV Format should be as following where it has 3 Columns by this order:

Edge number Edge Name Mgt IP
1 Branch1
2 DC-Hub1
3 DC-Hub2
4 Branch2


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