vRealize Orchestrator Package for Tagging vSphere VMs

Sample Workflow Package for Tagging VMs with vRealize Orchestrator

Note: This is the package that William Lam used for his VEBA integration and vRO API posts. More info below.



  • Configure a vCenter Endpoint and verify you can see the VMs
  • Configure a VAPI Endpoint

Package Install

  1. Clone this git repository
  2. Import a vRO Package from the "com.vmware.pso.vsphere.tagging" folder in the repo.
  3. Run the "Tag a VM" workflow

Configure VAPI Endpoint

  1. Run the ootb workflow "Import vAPI metamodel"
  2. Enter your vCenter Server URL such as https://<vcsa>/api
  3. Enter credentials
  4. Check boxes for adding vAPI endpoint, SSL, and Certificate Trust


If you have any problems feel free to open an issue or hit me up on the VMware Code Slack!

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