Postman Samples for Setting App Launchpad In-House Application Metadata

The sample in this page gives the Postman scripts to set the vApp template metadata for VMware Cloud Director® App LaunchpadTM applications. It adds logo and descriptive information to the applications so that service providers can present their in-house applications to customers in the user friendly manner. 


  1. Insall App Lauchpad
  2. Finish on-boarding step on provider portal
  3. Create a catalog
  4. Import vApp templates into the catalog

The purpose of this sample is to tell where and how to set custom metadata to App Launchpad applications. Metadata keys to update include:

  • name
  • logo
  • summary
  • description

Optionally, these more metadata can be added (out of Postman sample):

  • screenshots
  • version
  • os
  • spec


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Comments 1

4433906248 2 years ago
Thanks for this, I wrote a PowerShell / PowerCLI to make it easier to update these properties from PS for this linked from my blog post at I have noticed some issues though:
- Updating any of the properties displayed in the 'Details' page requires a restart of the alp server service before these show in the user browser (bug?).
- The 'spec' property is not updated in the details page - I think the metadata key-name here got changed and this post is outdated(?). All other properties update correctly.
- It would be REALLY helpful to have the ability to embed links / HTML codes in the metadata values (e.g. a support or documentation link) - if I try to embed any HTML code in the values this gets stripped or ignored/displayed. Since these values are SP-provided and administered I don't think there's a security risk here in allowing HTML.
- The column layout on the 'Details' page is a bit odd - the 'Summary' appears on its own in the right column and everything else gets put in the left column. Can we just have a single-column layout? Or give us the option to customize it?