Backup and Restore Applications - vRealize Network Insight

This vRealize Network Insight Python SDK example script saves all available applications in vRNI to a YAML file, and can restore this backup file to another vRNI instance. This script requires the vRNI Python SDK, which is available here:

# python --help

usage: [-h] [--deployment_type DEPLOYMENT_TYPE]
                              [--platform_ip PLATFORM_IP]
                              [--username USERNAME] [--password PASSWORD]
                              [--domain_type DOMAIN_TYPE]
                              [--domain_value DOMAIN_VALUE]
                              [--get_vidm_client_id] [--vidm_token VIDM_TOKEN]
                              [--api_token API_TOKEN]
                              [--application_backup_yaml APPLICATION_BACKUP_YAML]
                              [--application_backup_action APPLICATION_BACKUP_ACTION]

Run Public APIs on vRNI Platform

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --deployment_type DEPLOYMENT_TYPE
                        Setup deployment type: onprem or niaas
  --platform_ip PLATFORM_IP
                        IP address of vRNI platform. In case of cluster IP
                        address of Platform-1
  --username USERNAME   user name for authentication
  --password PASSWORD   password for authentication
  --domain_type DOMAIN_TYPE
                        domain type for authentication: LOCAL or LDAP or VIDM
  --domain_value DOMAIN_VALUE
                        domain value for LDAP user:
  --get_vidm_client_id  Get client-id for making user access-token request to
  --vidm_token VIDM_TOKEN
                        Provide vidm_token
  --api_token API_TOKEN
                        Provide niaas api token
  --application_backup_yaml APPLICATION_BACKUP_YAML
                        Applications and tiers are saved in this csv
  --application_backup_action APPLICATION_BACKUP_ACTION
                        Action can be 'save' or 'restore'

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