Omnibus GitLab Integration with VMware TKGI and Harbor for CI-CD

Authored by Daniel Zilberman with Riaz Mohamed and Raghu Pemmaraju

In this document, we provide an overview of integration of OmniBus GitLab (Enterprise Edition) SCM platform with VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated (TKGI, formerly known as VMware Enterprise PKS) Kubernetes clusters and Harbor container image registry platform for automated software build and deployment tasks. GitLab is a popular DevOps platform since it is compatible with Git file versioning, project directory structure and client software and includes CI/CD functionality.

We highlight configuration steps to enable integration between GitLab EE , Harbor container image registry and Kubernetes clusters provisioned with TKGI platform to implement end-to-end CI/CD process automation using GitLab DevOps tooling.

Please follow step-by-step configuration guide:

Related configuration files and CI/CD pipeline script samples can be found at:

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