Enterprise User - Get all VMware SD-WAN VCGs per Edge association

This python script is a simple example of how to gather all VMware VeloCloud SD-WAN gateways (primary, secondary, super and alternative super) associated with each VMware SD-WAN edge provisioned in the Orchestrator. 

This script is to be used by "enterprise users" only input needed is VCO URL (IP), username and pasword.
it provides 3 methods of input, hardcode (edit python script), prompt for username/pwd or add those as OS environment variables. 


python api_get_vcgs-.py 


Enter credentials and VCO

VCO: vco8-fra1.velocloud.net

Username: vmworld2019@vmware.com



Edge Name: BO-AUS

primary VCG, vcg3-mel1,

secondary VCG, vcg4-syd1,

super VCG, vcg1-jnb2,

super alternative VCG, vcg5-gva2,

Edge Name: BO-JAC

primary VCG, vcg14-fra1,

secondary VCG, vcg3-gva2,

super VCG, vcg3-ire1,

super alternative VCG, vcg5-lhr3,


Note: Consistent with the disclaimer on the Sample Exchange home page, please note that our API/SDK and Support team - do not guarantee the samples; they are provided - AS IS - i.e. while we are glad to answer questions about API usage and behavior generally speaking, we cannot and do not specifically support these scripts.

However, please contact me if you see any issues or have any questions :) Vladimir F. de Sousa (vfrancadesou@vmware.com)

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