Quick Start Guide for TKGI Cluster Backup and Restore

Authored by: Riaz Mohamed, Raghu Pemmaraju, Daniel Zilberman (ACE Team)

This document is a quick start guide for backing up a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated (TKGI, formerly known as Enterprise PKS) Kubernetes cluster and restoring it. This document will provide details on Valero backup software, installing Velero,  backing up an existing cluster, and restoring to the same or another target cluster. The cluster backup will include all Kubernetes (K8) resources as well as persistent volumes.. The guide covers backing up K8 resources using both velero vsphere plugin as well as restic.

Follow the step by step guide @  : https://github.com/riazvm/TKGIClusterBackupAndRestore/blob/master/pdf/TKGI-BackupAndRestoreClustersV6.pdf

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