Deploy VMware Folding at Home Appliance using Terraform

#  Description

Terraform files for deploying VMware Folding@Home Appliance fling to your vSphere environment.
Currently configured for deployment to a network with DHCP.

#  Usage
Edit the terraform.tfvars file with your vSphere details and OVA location

Edit the file in the fah_appliance module folder
* Set the datacenter name
* Set your F@H username and passkey
* Change CPU and Memory as needed.

#  Tested
Tested with VMware Cloud on AWS and Terraform 0.12.18, vSphere provider 1.21

#  Known issues
* Memory does not set correctly, sticks to 1GB as per OVA appliance
* * [Github Issue logged](
* Specifying the datacenter name in the fah_module as a variable from the terraform.tfvars file provides an error

#  Resources
* VMware Folding@Home Appliance:
* Folding@Home Passkey:
* Personal blog:


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