Windows 10 - Workspace ONE Update On Demand App

This script covers the missing capability of Workspace ONE UEM to push updates to devices which have manually installed an older version but need to be updated.
Especially for security relevant updates (eg. Adobe Reader, Firefox, etc.) this is an important but missing function.


1. Update the [Declarations] Section to match your environment

2. If you run this script you will be prompted 4 times

    2.1 Select the current installed version to later identify targeted devices, (Tipp: make use of the Filter)

    2.2 Select the target version of the application, it will be filtered to the same BundleId and sorted by Latest Version

    2.3 Select one or more devices (eg. for testing before send the command to all devices)

    2.4 Final confirmation if you really want to initate the PUSH INSTALL to your selected devices

Hope this is helpful.

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2655825791 2 years ago
Alexander, I thought this would detect applications that were not installed from Workspace one and then allow me to update them to the "published" workspace one catalog version. I am only seeing "older" versions of apps published in the catalog...