Basic VM Growth - Sparkline Dashboard - List View - Report

Just a basic Dashboard using the sparkline feature, and shows a list view of the largest disk changes.

Dashboard sparkline is set to be a self provider to display the Virtual Machine metric - Virtual Machine Used (GB). Set to show the Object name first. 

List view - set to show last 3 days (see screenshot for setting). This shows VM current usage, usage 3 days ago, GB and % change. List is ordered by highest changes and colour coded.

Built to answer this reddit query "VROps historical storage report".

You can select the timeframe shown in the top right corner or on the widgets themselves.

To learn how this dashboard and view was created, please see this blog post;


Download file, import the dashboard and view zip file. Report file is optional.

Dashboard - Sparkline

Dashboard - VM Growth over 3 days (List)

VM Disk used View - TIme Setting

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6798706242 6 months ago
Version: 8.1.0 (15972145)
Edition: Advanced

I'm hoping someone can assist with the importing/config. When I imported the dashboard and view zip file, I ended up with two dashboards. When I click on either and edit dashboard I get config not completed.
4656861863 6 months ago
this is a great idea for a dashboard. Well done. couple of questions

1. The sparkline chart isnt displaying any information. thoughts?
2. I assume the % change value only starts off once you create the dashboard so you need to wait 3 days
6153828035 2 months ago
When you import the dashboard, things can take some time to configure and sync.

For the change value, it should show straight away so long as your vROPs has been collecting this data for more than three days (setup for longer than 3 days before you installed the dashboard).
6798706242 23 days ago
I am not sure where to import the Report - VM Growth over 3 file. I saw this was optional, but would like to add it.
6153828035 16 days ago
You import the file "Report - VM Growth over 3" into the reports section of vROPs.