Export VMware Horizon Sessions to CSV

Export VMware Horizon Sessions to CSV


Export VMware Horizon Session Data into .CSV

This script will export Horizon Session data into a .CSV file in My Documents Folder.

There is no support for this tool - it is provided as-is

Please provide any feedback directly to me - my contact information:

Chris Halstead - Staff Architect, VMware
Email: chalstead@vmware.com
Twitter: @chrisdhalstead

Thanks to Wouter Kursten for the feedback on supporting over 1,000 sessions.

The code to support that is based off of his post here: https://www.retouw.nl/2017/12/12/get-hvmachine-only-finds-1000-desktops/

This script requires Horizon 7 PowerCLI - https://blogs.vmware.com/euc/2020/01/vmware-horizon-7-powercli.html

Updated January 22, 2021

Update to support over 1,000 Horizon Sessions

Script Overview

This is a PowerShell script that uses PowerCLI and the View-API to query Horizon sessions. The session are written to a table in the script and also to a .CSV file that can be opened in Excel or a similar spreadsheet tool.

  • The .csv file is written to the My Documents folder of the user running the script. The file format is: Sessions_Month_Date_Year.csv

Script Usage

Run Horizon - Sessions.ps1


Login to Horizon Connection Server

Choose 1 to Login to a Horizon Connection Server

  • Enter the FQDN of the server when prompted to "Enter the Horizon Server Name" hit enter

  • Enter the Username of an account with Administrative access to the Horizon Server you are connecting to when prompted to "Enter the Username" hit enter

  • Enter that users Password and click enter

  • Enter that users Domain and click enter

    You will see that you are now logged in to Horizon - click enter to go back to the menu


Return Horizon Sessions

Choose 2 to return Horizon Sessions. They will be written to a table and also to a .CSV file in My Documents.


Note that the location of the .CSV file will be written out after the script executes.

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Comments 3

1509659204 2 years ago
Very nice work!

We added these in order to give use the Session Start Time:
Add Content Path: "Session Start Time",
Results Format-Table and Results Select-Object: @{Name = 'Session Start Time'; Expression = {$_.sessiondata.startTime}},

Now, we just need it to be able to return 3,000+ sessions. We look forward to the updated version. Thank you!
chalstead 2 years ago
Good one - thanks! I will get that added to the default list of output and will try to get the sessions over 1000 piece fixed today. thanks!!
chalstead 2 years ago
The version up there is now able to return over 1,000 sessions, I also added session start time - please test it out and let me know. Thanks!