Install a custom list of applications on Windows Guest - vRA 8.x Extensibility

This package includes a workflow that is intended to be used for extensibility using event of Cloud Assembly.
Can be used as an alternative for environments where cloudbase-init cannot be used.

Intended usage:
- A Service Broker custom form is used to collect an array of string from the requester
- This array corresponds to a Cloud Assembly Cloud Template input
- This input is the value for "uygulamaListesi" custom property of a Windows VM resource with ${input.xx} notation. Please feel free to change property name as per your liking but do make sure you revise the workflow code accordingly as well.
- vRO Worflow is binded to a event subscription.
- Application installers are hosted on a network share that Windows guests can access.
- Silent installation arguments and installer file names are filled in the companion configElement. Please see the configElement for examples of expected data structure
- A compain action that can be used to auto populate application list values in Service Broker custom form is included in the package, named "day1UygulamaListesiGetir"
- Can be refactored to be used with Linux Guests and local installation files within the template.

Please review, revise based on your environment and use at your own risk.

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