Nutanix Clusters Content pack for vRealize Log Insight

The Nutanix Clusters Content Pack collects and analyzes logs forwarded by Nutanix clusters, and provides visualization and in-depth analysis of log events. Specifically, the content pack receives log events from Cassandra, Cerebro, Curator, Genesis, Prism, Stargate, and Zookeeper modules, allowing all of those logs to be analyzed in Log Insight. Some example use cases include:

  • Be alerted of increased disk latency
  • Quickly see how many log events are of warning or error-level
  • Be alerted of network connectivity issues
  • View the number of HTTP connection errors over time
  • Identify if certain disks are involved in a large percentage of log events
  • Be alerted of cluster reboots


  • Nutanix logs are presented across five dashboards.
  • There is one overview dashboard and four dashboards which focus on a specific type of log event.
  • Each dashboard has a similar set of widgets, with differences coming from widgets highlighting certain events or trends specific to that dashboard's focus.

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