Citrix NetScaler Content Pack for vRealize Log Insight

Citrix NetScaler is a load balancer that helps enable enterprise or cloud services.  Although it is a load balancer at heart, it provides a multitude of other networking functions such as Firewall, VPN, Integrated Caching, Content Switching, Cache Redirection, DNS, SSL, and NAT (among many others).

The Citrix NetScaler content pack collects, organizes, and analyzes log events submitted by Citrix NetScaler syslog forwarding.  These events are organized based on their related function and their status.

The Citrix NetScaler Content Pack allows you to quickly expose errors to your team through real time analysis of the Citrix NetScaler Log files. The friendly interface is designed to eliminate time lost navigating log files on the command line. By leveraging the VMware vRealize Log Insight platform, the Content Pack for Citrix NetScaler provides accessible log management for every member of your team, and all teams in your organization.


  • Citrix NetScaler logs are filtered into 3 convenient dashboards: Citrix NetScaler Overview, Citrix NetScaler by Component, and Citrix NetScaler by Severity
  • Citrix NetScaler logs are abstracted and analyzed by 21 unique fields
  • The content pack includes five emergency and critical severity-level alerts, which will email the user when a critical log is observed

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