NetApp - Data ONTAP Content Pack for vRealize Log Insight

NetApp Data ONTAP is a data management solution that provides flexibility and scalability, with limited interruption to production. Most notably, the platform is known for its optimized flash storage and cloud integration. 

The NetApp Data ONTAP content pack collects, organizes, and analyzes log events submitted by NetApp Data ONTAP. These events are organized based on severity and component, creating a simple interface to monitor the diverse mechanisms of an ONTAP environment. The NetApp Data ONTAP content pack supports both cluster and 7 mode.


  • NetApp logs are filtered into 7 convenient dashboards, each representing a component of the NetApp system.
  • NetApp dashboards contain 6 standard widgets, highlighting the current status of the dashboard's represented component.
  • NetApp logs are abstracted and analyzed by 12 unique fields.

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