Troubleshooting VMs v3

This is the third edition of the Troubleshooting VMs dashboard.  It provides more detail than previous versions, including filesystem and drive details and vNIC details.  It was built on vROps 8.3 and includes three views. Download the package, uncompress it, and there will be 2 .zip files, one for the Dashboard and the other contains the Views. Import them accordingly.

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2841954471 2 years ago
Imported views, then dashboard
run 8.3

dashboard - logs came in --- ISSUE - top VMs widget says -- " Internal server error" all widgets have spinning glass
brockp 2 years ago
Works fine for me, give it a few minutes and check back. Email me at if you still have problems.
4656861863 2 years ago
Same error msg as above. I am only running vRops 8.2.
4656861863 2 years ago
noticed it mentions there are 3 views to download but i only see 1 in the zip file
Dashboard-2021-03-06 04-54-09
Views (8).zip
4395826169 2 years ago
Same error for me "internal server error"
5175335418 2 years ago
Has anyone fixed the "internal server error" yet?
brockp 2 years ago
I've had several colleagues test download and import, it worked for all of them. Those that have had issues deleted the top view widget, re-added it, pointed it at the VM Details view, and re-did the interactions. If you have issues please contact me directly at
4656861863 2 years ago
has anyone outside of VMware managed to get this working?
brockp 2 years ago
Yes, if you're having issues with the top widget, delete it and recreate it. It's a View widget pointed at the VM Details View.