Dynamic Types plug-in generator version 3

This tool is designed to help create third party integrations in vRealize Automation with limiting as much as possible the requirement of writing the code for it. 

Via custom resources vRealize Automation can deploy, operate, decommission anything as long as it can be inventoried, created, operated, deleted via a vRealize Orchestrator plug-in.

This plug-in can be created within the vRealize Orchestrator designer integrating any third party API providing unique objects. The most common use case is to integrate via REST API and this is what this generator focus on.

Please read more in the Dynamic Types plug-in generator version 3 documentation


Updated Nov 2 2021 :


  • Workflows :
    • Create a REST Host workflow : Fixed input form validation issues
    • -2- Create plug-in from swagger workflow : Download swagger using REST plug-in instead of HTTP GET from workflow schema
    • New workflow to test plug-ins types
    • Create plug-in from swagger string and REST Host :
      • Fixed issue with determining schemas from swagger path
      • Provide input switch to not create types when not finding the schema
  • Actions:
    • Added action to authenticate in Tanzu Data Management
    • Added action to get types that are not folder
    • Added getObjectIdParentId that was missing in previous package
    • Fixed createFindByIdAction wrong return

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Comments 1

2941167176 6 months ago
When trying to export the newly created plugin this error shows.

TypeError: Cannot read property "workflows" from null (Workflow:Export a plug-in as a package / Update package content (item3)#9)
The workflows (from Auto generated CRUD Workflow Folder) are not added to the package as well additional actions that were created.