Running Pac-Man on Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Clusters

Demo Kubernetes Application

Running Pac-Man on Kubernetes

Pac-Man the classic arcade game - deployment files for VMware Tanzu Kubernetes and all other Kubernetes distributions.


ServiceType: LoadBalancer must be available for external connectivity to the Pac-Man front-end, otherwise you'll need to make some changes to the files in the "services" folder.


Using Helm to install

kubectl create namespace pacman

helm repo add veducate
helm install pacman veducate/pacman -n pacman

# You can see the available values by running
helm show values veducate/pacman

Read this blog post to learn how this Helm Chart was created.

Using a Script for installation

Clone repo and run chmod +X and then run file ./

or the following steps:

kubectl create namespace pacman
kubectl create -n pacman -f pacman-tanzu/

Uninstall using a Script

Run file ./ This will delete all objects created by ./

Alternatively, run ./ keeppvc. This will delete all objects except for the pacman namespace and the persistent volume claim. You can use this to demonstrate persistence of the MongoDB data by installing, playing a game and recording a high score, then unininstalling with the keeppvc argument. You can then run the installation again and the high score will persist.


The application is made up of the following components:

  • Namespace
  • Deployment
    • MongoDB Pod
      • DB Authentication configured
      • Attached to a PVC
    • Pac-Man Pod
      • Nodejs web front end that connects back to the MongoDB Pod by looking for the Pod DNS address internally.
  • RBAC Configuration for Pod Security and Service Account
  • Secret which holds the data for the MongoDB Usernames and Passwords to be configured
  • Service
    • Type: LoadBalancer
      • Used to balance traffic to the Pac-Man Pods


These are modified files from the below github repo for the node.js version, which contain the necessary changes to run in VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) such as updated api values and pod security policies (psp) with associated service accounts and RBAC.

Security changes to the deployment such as setting up mongodb auth were thanks to Dav1x you can find his Pac-Man deployment for OpenShift here.

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