Export VMs To OVA

Assists with exporting virtual machines to OVA files

GUI that provides:

  • Selection of VMs from a list from a comma separated file that contains the VM names.
  • Selection of destination directory.


  • .\exportvmtoova.ps1 [vmlist.csv] [vCenterUser] [vCenterPassword]


  • vmlist.csv       = Comma delimited file with a VM per row. Fields required is: Name
  • vCenterUser      = Username for vCenter Server.
  • vCenterPassword  = Password for vCenter Server user.


  • .\exportvmtoova.ps1
  • .\exportvmtoova.ps1 mylist.csv
  • .\exportvmtoova.ps1 mylist.csv administrator@vsphere.local VMware1!


  • Requires PowerCLI.
  • Change variable for vCenter.
  • List of VMs in comma separated file.

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