VROPS Dashboard for VM Right Sizing and Performance

This dashboard (and 7 views) was tested in vROPs 8.3 and 8.4. 

vRealize Operations does a good job to show you what the correct number for vCPU/Memory settings should be based on monitoring history. But instead of showing APP owners a screen that just shows what the current VM vCPU/Memory settings are and what the new settings Should be, I wanted to show the real data that proves why these changes should be made. 

This Dashboard is a Single Pane of Glass to show APP owners why they need to Right Size their VMs. You will need to enable a vROPS Metric that is not enabled out of the box.  See this Blog Post for details on how to enable the metric CPU|Ready (ms) and why.  



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4656861863 5 months ago
i get internal server error for the VM performance right size section. Im only running 8.2 but i wouldnt think that should matter.
4656861863 5 months ago
just an update on my issue. i recently upgraded from 8.2 to 8.4 and the dashboard now works