vRealize Automation Code Stream - Deploy Red Hat OpenShift Clusters


Deploy OpenShift Clusters to vSphere using vRealize Automation

vRA Code Stream Pipeline to deploy OpenShift clusters and register with Tanzu Mission Control.

Getting started

Blog Post - Deploying OpenShift Clusters using vRA Code Stream


  • Red Hat Cloud Account
    • With the ability to download and use a Pull Secret for creating OpenShift Clusters
  • vRA access to create Code Stream Pipelines and associated objects inside the pipeline when it runs.
    • Get CSP API access token for vRA Cloud or on-premises edition.
  • Tanzu Mission Control access with ability to attach new clusters
    • Get an CSP API access token for TMC
  • vRA Code Stream configured with an available Docker Host that can connect to the network you will deploy the OpenShift clusters to.
    • This Docker container is used for the pipeline
    • You can find the Dockerfile here, and alter per your needs, including which versions of OpenShift you want to deploy.
  • SSH Key for a bastion host access to your OpenShift nodes.
  • vCenter account with appropriate permissions to deploy OpenShift
  • DNS records created for the OpenShift cluster deployment
    • api.{cluster_id}.{base_domain}
    • *.apps.{cluster_id}.{base_domain}


vRA Deploy Openshift - Code Stream - Create Variable vRA Deploy Openshift - Code Stream - Preserved Artifacts

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