Data Management For VMware Tanzu API Postman Collection


This is a Postman collection for the Data Mangement for VMware Tanzu API

This collection is a number of tasks for operating the Data Management tooling. The DBaaS platform for TanzuSQL offered by VMware.

The commands in this collection are built from the Swagger API, which can be accessed from the following URL https://{Provider}/provider/swagger-ui/index.html.

Operations Covered in this Collection:

    Get Provider Health
    Get Organsation
        Get Users
        Create Users
        Change Password for Current User
        Get Databases
            Specific Database
            Get Root & Admin User Passwords
            Get Database Alerts
            Get Database Version
        Create Database
        Delete Database
            Create & Restore (inc. Point in Time Restore)
            Create, Download, Delete
    Get Environment
    Get Templates
    Instance Plans
        Get All, Create and Delete
    Get Tasks, Events and Alarms
    Get All Backups
    Get Audit Logs

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