Guest Script Manager - vRO 8.X version technical preview

This is an update of the original guest script manager package with native vRO 8 presentation. Do not import in vRO 7 !

Tested on vRO 8.5. May work on earlier versions but this is not guarranteed as input forms bugs have been fixed. I do not have the time to validate it against previous versions.


  • New vRO 8 presentation
  • The script and additional file resource folders are now set via configuration element (allows to change the resources path or switch between different scripts repositories)
  • Fixed wrong Exception binding on "make temp dir on VM" 
  • Simple sample script and file to create resource category


Installation : Import the package with configuration element values. Otherwise set the guestScriptManagerConfig configuration element attribute with folder/subfolder

Use at your own risk, neither I or VMware are responsible for any issue related to the use of this package


Script management : Add, edit, delete a script configuration. A script configuration contains:

  • Script type (bash, batch, Powershell) : Each type involve a different way of starting the script and getting the output.
  • Script content: The script itself. May contain parameters that will be replaced right before running the script.
  • Timeout: The time after the script execution is
  • Script interactivity: In case the script open a window that requires user interaction.
  • Script working directory: Where the script will run. Where the optional file will be copied.
  • File to copy: A file to be copied in addition to the script. For example a response file needed for the script.


The script configurations are stored as resource elements in the vCO database. This means :

  • Updating a script does not require updating a workflow
  • The scripts are in a much safer location compared to the file system
  • If you run a vCO cluster, the scripts are available for every vCO nodes
  • That you can export / import the script configurations in a package


The script configuration runner : "Run script in VM guest"

  • Search replace specified strings in the additional file, copy it to the guest (optional).
  • Search replace specified strings in the script, run it in the guest.
  • Get output code and output result, display these (including special characters supported by ANSI thanks to the included cmdAnsi.exe), fails the workflow if script failed.

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Comments 1

3735644310 11 months ago
If I saves a script that containts the hash character '#' the 'Edit script configuration 8.x' WF returns empty script content.
This means I can't add comments to my scripts. I'm running vRO 8.4 will it work in vRO 8.5?