Sample code showing how to deploy VM on vSAN with shared disks using the multi-writer flag. 

Sample code to deploy VM with shared disk on vSAN using Terraform.

This code creates a content library and imports an OVA that will be used to create the test VMs. The first VM has additional data disks added with the sharing set to multi-writer. All additional VM attach the data disks created in the first VM.


  • Terraform v1.0.10


  1. Copy terraform.tfvars.sample to terraform.tfvars
cp terraform.tfvars.sample terraform.tfvars
  1. Edit and update the variables in terraform.tfvars

  2. Initialize the project

terraform init
  1. Validate the configuration
terraform plan -out=tfplan
  1. Deploy
terraform apply "tfplan"
  1. Destroy
terraform destroy

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