vRO Package to gather metrics from vRA Deployments and send them to vRops.

This is a vRO package that allows you to bring vRA deployments metrics in vROps. It creates a new Adapter Instance in vROps and adds Deployments, Projects, and Cloud Templates. It also creates relationships between Deployments, Cloud Templates and projects. From vROps, you can have a relationship view of your deployments.<\\\/p>\\r\\n\\r\\n



  • This package has been tested with vRA 8.4 to 8.6.1 and vROps 8.4 to 8.6.<\\\/li>\\r\\n\\t
  • You need API access to vRops and vRA.<\\\/li>\\r\\n\\t
  • The vRA Plugin needs to be installed in vRO.<\\\/li>\\r\\n<\\\/ul>\\r\\n\\r\\n

    How to use the package<\\\/strong><\\\/p>\\r\\n\\r\\n

    • The package needs to be imported into vRO.<\\\/li>\\r\\n\\t
    • The Configuration Element variables in vRO need to be configured. (vRA - vROps Configurations)<\\\/li>\\r\\n<\\\/ul>\\r\\n\\r\\n


      In the Create vRA Adapter Kind workflow, configure the attributes that refer to the configuration element.<\\\/p>\\r\\n\\r\\n

      Content: <\\\/strong><\\\/p>\\r\\n\\r\\n

      vRA - Get vRA Deployment details:<\\\/p>\\r\\n\\r\\n

      • This workflow gets all the deployments and deleted deployments metrics and details.<\\\/li>\\r\\n\\t
      • It grabs everything and pushes everything into an output array<\\\/li>\\r\\n<\\\/ul>\\r\\n\\r\\n

        Create vRA AdapterKind - deployment - project - Cloud Templates objects in vROps<\\\/p>\\r\\n\\r\\n

        • This workflow creates the adapterkind in vROps and all the objects. (Project, CT, and Deployments)<\\\/li>\\r\\n\\t
        • It also pushes all the metrics to the deployments objects in vROps.<\\\/li>\\r\\n\\t
        • It creates the relationship between CT, Projects, and Deployments.<\\\/li>\\r\\n<\\\/ul>\\r\\n\\r\\n

          vROps Metrics<\\\/strong><\\\/p>\\r\\n\\r\\n

          • Deployments\\r\\n\\t
            • Properties\\\/CustomProperties\\\/createdBy<\\\/li>\\r\\n\\t\\t
            • Properties\\\/CustomProperties\\\/createdDate<\\\/li>\\r\\n\\t\\t
            • Properties\\\/CustomProperties\\\/deploymentStatus<\\\/li>\\r\\n\\t\\t
            • Properties\\\/CustomProperties\\\/deploymentTime<\\\/li>\\r\\n\\t\\t
            • Properties\\\/CustomProperties\\\/isDeleted<\\\/li>\\r\\n\\t<\\\/ul>\\r\\n\\t<\\\/li>\\r\\n<\\\/ul>\\r\\n\\r\\n

              New version: (January 5th 2022)<\\\/strong><\\\/p>\\r\\n\\r\\n

              • Added a new configuration element for the vRA Host.\u00A0<\\\/li>\\r\\n<\\\/ul>\\r\\n\\r\\n

                Roadmap: <\\\/strong><\\\/p>\\r\\n\\r\\n

                • Extensibility workflows and ABX executions will be captured, and success\\\/failures metrics from those executions will be added.<\\\/li>\\r\\n\\t
                • Extensibility Workflows and ABX will be added to the deployments relationship.<\\\/li>\\r\\n\\t
                • Every event of a deployment will be captured.<\\\/li>\\r\\n\\t
                • Ability to filter by date<\\\/li>\\r\\n<\\\/ul>\\r\\n

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