Powercli script for compliance check of baseline with bulletinID as input - Datacenter Level

This powercli script works at the datacenter level. This takes datacenter name as the input and does a compliance check against that datacenter in a VC. What the script does: 1. Connects to the VC server 2. Creates a patch baseline with the bulletinID provided 3. Gets the Datacenter inventory object based on the input(Datacenter_name) provided by the user and attaches the baseline to that datacenter 4. Tests the compliance of the objects under that datacenter against the baseline attached in the previous step 5. Reads the compliance status from the datacenter against the baseline 6. Detaches the baseline from the datacenter 7. Once the tests are done, if the baseline is created by the script, the baseline will be deleted, else it will be retained 8. Disconnect the session from VC Parameter Details: -VC_IP - IP/Hostname of the vCenter Server -User - Username of the vCenter Server -Password - Username of the vCenter Server -BaselineName - Name to be given to the baseline. Can be any string, Example : security-baseline -Datacenter_name - Name of the datacenter where the baseline is to be attached for the check -BulletinID - Bulletin ID to be verified, Example : ESXi650-201912104-SG Command to use the script: vum_test_per_dc.ps1 -VC_IP -User -Password -BaselineName security-baseline -Datacenter_name -BulletinID ESXi650-201912104-SG

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