SolarWinds IPAM vRA 8 Integration Plugin

SolarWinds IPAM Plugin for vRA 8
Plugin description:

A implementation of an SolarWinds IPAM integration plugin for vRA 8.x

This plugin is developed using IPAM SDK: VMware vRealize Automation Third-Party IPAM SDK

For customization and installation details of this plugin see: vRA 8: plugin SolarWinds IPAM

For more information about the IPAM integration see: vRA IPAM plugin reference documentation

Scripts and package

Under ./src/ you'd find separate directory for each IPAM specific operation that the plugin supports.

Operation name Description Script
Allocate IP Allocates the next available IP for a VM ./src/SolarWinds_AllocateIP/
Deallocate IP Deallocates an already allocated IP ./src/SolarWinds_DeallocateIP/
Get IP Ranges Data collects IP networks from the IPAM provider ./src/SolarWinds_GetIPRanges/
Validate Endpoint Validates that the IPAM endpoint credentials are valid and that a connection to the external IPAM system can be established successfully ./src/SolarWinds_ValidateEndpoint/

The script is used to package Python scripts and dependencies into the plugin archive.

The ./src/ contains all 3rd party libraries that the SolarWinds IPAM plugin depends on, they are unpacked during the execution of the script. This will ensure that all Python libraries and binaries are Photon OS compliant.

The contains a plugin ready for installation in vRA 8.x.

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Comments 1

5108630408 10 months ago
Attempting integration with VRA Cloud through a Cloud Proxy.
Getting the following error:
'Failed to validate credentials. Error: Execution of action SolarWinds_ValidateEndpoint failed on provider side: Action run failed with the following error: HTTPSConnectionPool(host='FQDN REMOVED', port=17778): Max retries exceeded with url: /SolarWinds/InformationService/v3/Json/Query (Caused by SSLError(SSLCertVerificationError(1, '[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed: self signed certificate (_ssl.c:1076)')))'

Cloud proxy is healthy.
Attempted with and without certificate verification (both an MS CA and a self signed cert)
RESTAPI calls to the SW IPAM URL work through other tools.
using admin creds on the SW IPAM side.
On-premise (VRA 8.6) test lab works.
Certificates are trusted.

Any thoughts (or code updates) to deal with this are appreciated.