vRA Image Mappings update automation

This is a workflow to automate updating the images for a given image profile across different regions. Updating the images across many regions manually in the vRA UI can be long and repetitive. An image has to be selected for each region. The more regions there is the slower the UI is performing to load and refresh the images information. This workflow load the images once and cache the information and automate finding the selected image name in each region. It provides a data grid with all the existing images including Cloud account type, cloud account name, region, OS family, image name, image description, last update (not available in vRA UI) allowing to sort and filter which region to update. This was tested on 8.6.2 and 8.7 and may likely work on earlier releases. Updated 2022-04-12 Fixed vCenter OVF Template : Search by name and regionId was not working since OVF Templates do not have an externalRegionId property.

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