DEEM - macOS Device Events Template

This dashboard includes the below widgets to help you monitor experience on macOS devices:<\/p>\r\n

  • App Crash<\/li>\r\n
  • App Hang<\/li>\r\n
  • App Events<\/li>\r\n
  • App Usage<\/li>\r\n
  • Devices with RAM < 8GB<\/li>\r\n
  • Device Events<\/li>\r\n
  • Service Data<\/li>\r\n
  • User Actions<\/li>\r\n
  • OS Update Events<\/li>\r\n
  • Number of macOS Devices sending DEEM data<\/li>\r\n
  • Failed Logon<\/li>\r\n<\/ul>\r\n

    To leverage this dashboard, download the JSON template and upload into your Intelligence console with the DEEM solution enabled, and upload via "Dashboards > Add > Import Dashboard"<\/p>

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