phpIPAM vRA 8 Integration Plugin

phpIPAM vRA 8 Integration Plugin v1.1.x

vRA 8 phpIPAM Integration plugin

This integration plugin allows vRealize Automation 8 to use phpIPAM.

A detailed description of the plugin can be found here: vRA 8: phpIPAM plugin

Key features of the plugin v1.1.43

  • User authentication by login/password;
  • API token authentication;
  • Disabling SSL certificate verification (to bypass an error when importing a chain of self-signed certificates, it is enabled in the plugin settings);
  • Filtering the list of available vRA subnets (enabled in the plugin settings);
  • Reservation of the first free IP address from the subnet;
  • IP unavailability check (ping) before reservation (enabled in plugin settings);
  • Checking the absence of a PTR record on the DNS server (enabled in the plugin settings);
  • Marking in the IPAM database of IPs that have not passed the test;
  • Reservation of static IP passed from vRA;
  • Static IP check via ping and comparison by hostname if IP is already reserved in IPAM;
  • Get subnet gateway address from IPAM;
  • Implementation of the update_record method (passing the MAC address of the VM from vRA to IPAM).

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