vRO phpIPAM package

vRO package for working with phpIPAM

vRO 8 phpIPAM integration package

Materials for the article vRO: phpIPAM integration package.

The article describes a small set of processes for working with phpIPAM. The package will allow you to immediately start working with phpIPAM and quickly develop your own processes.

v3.0.1 (17-06-2022)


  • Configuration
    • Add REST operations (phpIPAM)
    • Initialize (phpIPAM)
    • Invoke a REST operation (phpIPAM)
    • Test server
  • Authentication
    • Check token
    • New user token
  • Address
    • Delete address
    • Delete address by IP
    • New address
    • New first free address
    • Ping address
    • Search address
    • Update address
  • VRF
    • Get VRF
    • Get VRF subnets
    • Get VRFs
  • Subnet
    • Get subnet
    • Get subnet addresses
    • Get subnet slave subnets
    • Get subnet usage
    • Get subnets
    • Get subnets custom fields
    • Search subnet by CIDR

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