DEEM - OS Update Impact to User Experience Scores

This dashboard template helps admins determine impact of a Windows patch as more devices upgrade. Widgets include:<\/p>\r\n

  • Devices in a given pilot\/deployment ring<\/li>\r\n
  • Total enrolled Windows devices��<\/li>\r\n
  • Pilot ring device health score (last 14 days)<\/li>\r\n
  • Pilot ring OS crashes (last 14 days)<\/li>\r\n
  • Win11 Top crashing apps last 14 days<\/li>\r\n
  • Win11 Top 10 App Hanging Apps<\/li>\r\n
  • Win11 Models with >90% CPU (Last 14 days)<\/li>\r\n
  • Win11 Zoom Crashes (Last 14 days)<\/li>\r\n<\/ul>\r\n

    This template is meant to serve as a starting point for customization to unique deployment needs.<\/p>

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