VRA Deploy GKE Clusters


High Level Steps

  • Create a Code Stream Pipeline
    • Create an Google GKE Cluster
    • Create GKE cluster as endpoint in both vRA Code Stream and Cloud Assembly
    • Register GKE cluster in Tanzu Mission Control
    • Onboard the cluster to Tanzu Service Mesh


  • vRA Cloud access
    • The pipeline can be changed easily for use with vRA on-premises
  • Google Cloud account that can provision GKE clusters
    • The Kubernetes Engine API needs to be enabled
    • Basic knowledge of deploying GKE
      • This is a good beginners guide if you need
        • You will need to create a Service Account that the gcloud CLI tool can use for authentication
    • A Docker host to be used by vRA Code Stream
      • Ability to run the container image: gcr.io/google.com/cloudsdktool/google-cloud-cli
    • Tanzu Mission Control account that can register new clusters
    • VMware Cloud Console Tokens for vRA Cloud, Tanzu Mission Control and Tanzu Service Mesh API access
    • The configuration files for the pipeline can be found in this GitHub repository

Getting Started

vRealize Automation - Deploying a GKE Cluster with Code Stream, add to Tanzu Mission Control & Tanzu Service Mesh

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