vRA 8 Bulk Onboarding

vRO Package to export deployment and machine related metadata from vRA 7 and onboard the deployments into vRA 8x or vRA Cloud. - Initial capability to export all machine and deployment data from vRA 7 - Validate all provided data in csv is valid in vRA 8 Project Exists Deployment Owner is a member of project vSphere Endpoint\\\/Cloud Account is configured in vRA 8 Machines are visible in vRA 8 in the correct endpoint\\\/Cloud Account - Onboard all machines All machine in the export that complete validation successfully can be onboarded into the specified project in vRA 8 Any specified custom properties are configured on the imported machine Deployment names and descriptions are maintained from vRA 7 - Post deployment Clean up Assign leases inline with source environment ( optional ) Add historical requests from 7x source ( optional ) Add Cloud Template Icon to Deployments ( optional ) Generate Metadata for future operations ( optional )

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