Configuration Maximum Use Case

After downloding and unzipping the attachment from here, import super metrics, dashboard and alerts.   Before fully compatible for your requirements, consider the following: 1. The thresholds for configuration maximums in supermetrics is based on the instance size of the environment I built this use case on. Feel free to modify the super metrics as per the instance size you have. Once you edit the super metric for config maximum, make sure to reflect the same by editing the dashboard for the respective product widget and modifying the label under ‘output data’. You may refer to the VMware configuration maximum guide for the vCenter and vRA products for guidance. For vROps product maximum, refer to the vROps sizing guide. For NSX-T, configuration maximums are already included as metrics as part of NSX-T management pack. Enable supermetrics in the vROps policy. 2. The thresholds used in alert definitions may be modified as per your situation and requirements. Enable alerts in the vROps policy. 3. The dashboard is assuming more than one NSX-T and vSphere instance. The dashboard will not be fully functional unless the filter for the widgets related to NSX-T and vSphere are modified. Edit the respective widget and edit the output filter to add instance name. Add more widgets for additional instances. There are two dashboards - The one with the suffix 'Top-N' only has selected config maximums for NSX-T. Other than that, both dashboards are same.

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