WordPress 3 Tier Application

Included On this blueprint:

  • Tree Tier CentOS VSphere Machine *
  • Two  NAT Network profiles **
  • External Load Balancer **
  • One External Network **
  • All Software components


* You wlll need to re-map the 2 vSphere machines to the correct vSphere template on your environment. This vSphere template must contain the Application Authoring Agent.

** You must create 2 Network Profiles with NAT and IP addresses on vRealize Automation. The External network and the External Load balancer also need to be created and associated.

Passwords are saved on the software packages and they can be modified as needed.

Once everything is configured, all is needed is to entitle the blueprint in order to consume it from the catalog.

External internet access from the vRealize Automation server is required in order to download binaries required.

Once you download the binaries, please note that gitHub compresses them twice, if you try to import this in vRA it will fail, you need to expand the content once and re-zip it so the metadata files are availalble on the root of the zip 

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