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Included on this Blueprint:

  • Two Tier vSphere Machine (Web / DB) *
  • One External Network
  • Docker Software Packages


* You wlll need to re-map the 2 vSphere machines to the correct vSphere template on your environment. This vSphere template must contain the Application Authoring Agent.

** The External network need to be created and associated correctly inside the blueprint

External internet access from the vRealize Automation server is required in order to download binaries required.

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vmeoc 6 years ago
test of comments
vmeoc 6 years ago
great blueprint that show the combination of Docker and VM component in a multi tier architecture.
Be aware the Zip need to be rebuild without the top level folder inside or the import command will fail with a "metadata.yaml missing" error message.
7345471765 6 years ago
The following component requests failed: MediaWiki. One or more of the spawned tasks failed. See task log for more details