Add Tag to Supervised Device

.SYNOPSIS This Poweshell script make a REST API call to an AirWatch server. This particular script is used to build an Assignment Group for all supervised devices. There is currently no filter in the console

.DESCRIPTION To understand the underlying call check: https:// /api/mdm/devices/search - this script uses the platform filter to select just iOS devices https:// /api/mdm/tags/search - checks for a Supervised tag, and if not found creates one. It is always helpful to validate your parameter using something like the PostMan extension for Chrome

.EXAMPLE Execute-AWRestAPI.ps1 -userName Administrator -password password -tenantAPIKey 4+apikeyw/krandomSstuffIleq4MY6A7WPmo9K9AbM6A= -outputFile c:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\output.txt -endpointURL -inputFile C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\SerialNumbers1.txt -Verbose

.PARAMETER userName An AirWatch account in the tenant is being queried. This user must have the API role at a minimum.

.PARAMETER password The password that is used by the user specified in the username parameter

.PARAMETER tenantAPIKey This is the REST API key that is generated in the AirWatch Console. You locate this key at All Settings -> Advanced -> API -> REST, and you will find the key in the API Key field. If it is not there you may need override the settings and Enable API Access

.PARAMETER airwatchServer This will be the https:// . All of the REST endpoints start with a forward slash (/) so do not include that with the server name

.PARAMETER organizationGroupName This will be the organization group name in the AirWatch console.

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