ESXi Performance Page

How do you know your ESXi is performing? Does high utilization mean it's not performing? ESXi running at 95% is slower than ESXi running at 5%? How much slower?

We know that utilization is not performance. It's related, but it's not the same thing. An ESXi with low utilization could be a sign of something wrong. Could it be CPU and RAM are waiting for Disk? Could it be networks are dropping packets? This dashboard provides answer to both Performance and Utilization. Do read here for details.

Note: this requires vR Ops 7.0 as it uses new features. It does not work with 6.7.

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wloh 4 years ago
would appreciate a guide on how to import this.
irahabok 4 years ago
Sure. I shared the doc on the link above. For your convenience, here it is again