VMware Inventory Dashboard

Updated 12/10/2020 - Double the inventory and metrics collected.  More enhanced features.  Interactable

This dashboard monitors and displays all VMs, Hosts, vCenters, and Datastores in your environment.  It will show important metrics and properties for each object and will light up red if problems are found.  

For a guide on how to use this dashboard and how to import it.  Go here  http://www.vmignite.com/2020/12/download-vrops-complete-360-inventory-dashboard/




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3357514539 5 months ago
Hi. I tried this on VROPs 8.3 and a lot of the widgets show "The view does not exist".
lannguyen 5 months ago
You need to import the views as well. See the instructions on the link towards the bottom
2746569258 2 months ago
Select the widget source with an interaction or through the self-provider configuration?