Simple Cluster-Rightsizing Dashboard - non-HCI


This simple dashboard helps you determine the number of ESXi Hosts you should add, or you potentially could remove from a vSphere (non-HCI) cluster according to the demand driven capacity calculation.

More information is available on my personal blog, see:



Download and unzip the file.


  1. Create two metric configurations:
    1. tkopton-Cluster-KPIs - use the content in the corresponding file
    2. tkopton-Cluster-Config - use the content in the corresponding file
  2. Import the Supermetrics (file: supermetric.json)
  3. Activate the Supermetrics in your policy or policies applied to your clusters
  4. Import the View (file: content-view.xml)
  5. Import the Dashboard (file:
  6. Wait few collections cycles



  1. Select Datacenter - select vSphere Datacenter to inspect
  2. Select Cluster - shows all vSphere Clusters in selected DC, select Cluster to see further details
  3. Cluster Configuration - quick config overview, first box "Enabled" shows DRS status
  4. Capacity Remaining - remaining capacity by thy most constraint resource for the selected Cluster
  5. Cluster KPIs - quick overview of current Cluster performance


Known Issues

  • -1 color coding not working
  • DRS Enabled Box - wrong label
  • Avg Mem Contention - no metric
  • The view shows all clusters - also the HCI ones


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Comments 1

6798706242 8 months ago
Avg Mem Contention - no metric Not working as noted in blog. I managed to fix other known issues but don't know how to get the Avg Mem Contention fixed. Have you been able to resolve this?