RabbitMQ Payload Samples

With the new Webhook feature, you can send vRealize Operations Notifications as messages into AMQP queues.

To use these two samples please refer to my newest blog post:


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2537907585 10 months ago
Hello Thomas,

Thank You for the interesting integration. I have tried this on vROps 8.5 but every time getting error as below,

[20799] 2021-09-25T18:10:10,962+0000 ERROR [pool-9032-thread-16] com.vmware.vcops.platform.notification.webhook.WebhookSender.call - Failed to send POST; status code: 415

Re-checked, Content-Type is set to application/json, everything looks fine but still for some reason get the same error as above.

Re-checked the API, able to publish the message when perform a curl post as curl -i -u admin:xxxxxxxxx -H "content-type:application/json" -XPOST -d'{"properties":{},"routing_key":"vrops.alert.open","payload":"Test","payload_encoding":"string"}' http://xxxx.xxxxx.xxx:15672/api/exchanges/%2F/amq.direct/publish

Requesting your help to resolve this as I am interested in implementing this use-case. Producer will be vROps, while the consumer would be vRO, in this would be able to trigger workflows for automated remediation when an alert is opened.