Add Disks for Oracle RAC Cluster Install


I am trying to create an Oracle RAC Cluster blueprint with 2 nodes in VRA. Part of the deployment needs 6 data disks of 500 GB each to be added as SCSI 1 (Bus SCSI 1:0,1:1,1:2,1:3,1:4 & 1:5).
The disks need to be enabled with multi-writer flag and as shared disks which means the vmdk in Node1 will be referenced in Node2 hence for Node 2 it will be Existing Dick command.
I have created the PowerShell script using PowerCli which does this but there are 2 challenges that I have seen so far and they are as below :

a) Sometime New-Scsicontroller comdlet is ending up creating 2 scsi adapters in stead of 1.
b) The scsi Bus numbers are not in the sequential order.