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jvaldes  2021-12-07 13:46:53 PST
@jvaldes has joined the channel
rnelson0  2021-12-07 13:41:32 PST
Happy on premises day, as AWS is in hour 4 of a big U.S. east 1 outage! :grimacing:
phil.feaser  2021-12-07 12:10:54 PST
We are building a .net core application for VM and container orchestration. The app is already compatible with Openstack and Kubernetes and would like to incorporate compatibility with ESXi hosts. Where is the best place to get started?
phil.feaser  2021-12-07 12:04:07 PST
@phil.feaser has joined the channel
gdarza  2021-12-06 09:22:41 PST
hello, for someone who is just starting to learn Python, what resources would you recommend? e.g. any blogs, videos, influencers you know would be VERY helpful, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
mikael.norman  2021-12-06 02:36:14 PST
@mikael.norman has joined the channel
erickkawala  2021-12-05 19:20:07 PST
@erickkawala has joined the channel
kyle.lavery  2021-12-05 15:19:11 PST
@kyle.lavery has joined the channel
bopozuvi  2021-12-05 13:42:29 PST
@bopozuvi has joined the channel
michael.hart  2021-12-05 13:41:59 PST
@michael.hart has joined the channel
colongeorgia928  2021-12-05 12:50:29 PST
@colongeorgia928 has joined the channel
alpopmarketing  2021-12-05 06:37:52 PST
@alpopmarketing has joined the channel
wbsbydw  2021-12-05 03:29:33 PST
@wbsbydw has joined the channel
sugarlife  2021-12-05 02:28:21 PST
@sugarlife has joined the channel
d.abrigo  2021-12-03 07:20:20 PST
@d.abrigo has joined the channel
alemaitre  2021-12-03 06:15:24 PST
@alemaitre has joined the channel
amitmittal.bvp  2021-12-02 20:02:40 PST
@amitmittal.bvp has joined the channel
drake  2021-12-02 03:46:39 PST
@drake has joined the channel
gaston  2021-12-01 14:55:00 PST
@gaston has joined the channel
rnelson0  2021-12-01 06:49:22 PST
and whether you're using thin or thick provisioning
rnelson0  2021-12-01 06:48:52 PST
that's going to wildly vary based on your guest OS, your in-guest workload, and your storage backend.
kasim0527  2021-12-01 06:34:49 PST
@kasim0527 has joined the channel
m.aldamouni  2021-12-01 06:28:21 PST
Hi everyone, I have a question regarding changing VM size. We have limited the max disk size for a vm to 1tb per disk and max disks to 11 disks ... Can be make the each disk limit to 2 tb , is so what are impacts and performance issue we will face ?
shim  2021-11-30 18:18:33 PST
@shim has joined the channel
gdarza  2021-11-30 09:33:40 PST
@null' Power Session and learn how to automate your architecture with.. REST API Python Ansible Terraform Don't miss it -->
gabidarza  2021-11-30 08:32:54 PST
@gabidarza has joined the channel
budan  2021-11-30 07:59:04 PST
@budan has joined the channel
andrew.zheng  2021-11-30 00:12:59 PST
@andrew.zheng has joined the channel
gdarza  2021-11-29 11:49:35 PST
magneet_nl  2021-11-29 01:41:26 PST
@null would be the best one I hink
lennard.klein  2021-11-29 01:26:35 PST
Good morning everyone! Do we have a channel to discuss cloud-director-named-disk-csi-driver?
cedric.martinez_ext  2021-11-29 01:21:42 PST
Hello everyone
cedric.martinez_ext  2021-11-29 01:19:02 PST
@cedric.martinez_ext has joined the channel
m.masmas  2021-11-29 00:10:29 PST
@m.masmas has joined the channel
udemirtas  2021-11-28 05:48:04 PST
@udemirtas has joined the channel
rafael.alvarado  2021-11-25 20:35:39 PST
@rafael.alvarado has joined the channel
luca.fidanza  2021-11-25 13:39:39 PST
@luca.fidanza has joined the channel
amit.lokhande  2021-11-25 12:39:07 PST
@amit.lokhande has joined the channel
vimal.bhylagee  2021-11-25 05:56:20 PST
@vimal.bhylagee has joined the channel
koshijima.ichiro  2021-11-24 17:21:09 PST
@koshijima.ichiro has joined the channel
sirish.bathina  2021-11-24 13:07:29 PST
Hi yall! I'm developing using the govmomi vlsm GlobalObjectManager api and was wondering if there was a way for me to tag snapshots. I attempted to use the `UpdateMetadata` operation but that does not seem to work for snapshots. I would like to both tag and list snapshots by tag. Let me know what your suggestions are to support such functionality.
sirish.bathina  2021-11-24 13:02:31 PST
@sirish.bathina has joined the channel
mistok  2021-11-24 03:36:49 PST
@mistok has joined the channel
eng-a.talaat  2021-11-24 02:46:02 PST
@eng-a.talaat has joined the channel
ian  2021-11-23 20:16:33 PST
Hi folks, very quick question. IS RVTools better than the inbuilt vCenter export VM info function? Thanks in advance.
abedissa0830  2021-11-23 18:03:57 PST
@abedissa0830 has joined the channel
jllewis  2021-11-23 14:52:21 PST
@jllewis has joined the channel
amanverma46  2021-11-23 10:05:24 PST
amanverma46  2021-11-23 09:48:42 PST
@amanverma46 has joined the channel
kabburivenka  2021-11-23 07:10:09 PST
@kabburivenka has joined the channel
fescarosbuechs  2021-11-23 04:05:59 PST
you have a bout 3-6 minutes per task to configure if you do the math :slightly_smiling_face: so super complex configurations for every tiny knob simply cant be part of the exam :wink:
only97wish  2021-11-23 03:53:49 PST
Thank you
fescarosbuechs  2021-11-23 01:48:18 PST
the A in the exam stands for Advanced features not necessarily advcanced knowledge required :wink:
fescarosbuechs  2021-11-23 01:47:46 PST
optimize and scale together with an ICM refresher or the typical VMworld hands on labs for vSphere and vSAN get you covered quite well for the exam
fescarosbuechs  2021-11-23 01:47:13 PST
optimize and scale covers more topics relevant to the exam in terms of scoring opportunities and therefore a wider array of points making your success chances higher
fescarosbuechs  2021-11-23 01:46:47 PST
the exam consists of so much more than just troubleshooting, that a dedicated course for this is usually not time well spent if you have to choose between your options
fescarosbuechs  2021-11-23 01:46:20 PST
if you dont manage the troubleshooting task in the vcap you are not going to fail it
fescarosbuechs  2021-11-23 01:46:00 PST
optimze and scale will be better than the troubleshooting one
magneet_nl  2021-11-22 23:15:43 PST
o&s is vcp+ but not enough for a vcap troubleshooting might give the edge but I would really recommend checking out the various blog posts about the vcap dcv deploy even if they're for an older version and see what you're missing.
only97wish  2021-11-22 23:11:52 PST
I already have experiance and VCP certified but to get more knowledge I am planning for vcap-dc and found multiple courses for deploy
magneet_nl  2021-11-22 23:02:57 PST
I guess troubleshooting but nothing will prepare you as good as real world experience
only97wish  2021-11-22 22:55:31 PST
Hello, I am planning to take vcap-dc deploy but I found multiple course which one you recommend?
bhoman  2021-11-22 13:55:25 PST
@bhoman has joined the channel
belkhiribachir16  2021-11-20 16:04:12 PST
@belkhiribachir16 has joined the channel
pjigalur  2021-11-20 11:17:33 PST
@pjigalur has joined the channel
dnandreim  2021-11-20 09:20:58 PST
@dnandreim has joined the channel
miguela.hernandovelas  2021-11-19 12:22:12 PST
@miguela.hernandovelas has joined the channel
florian.mandlmeier186  2021-11-19 02:44:42 PST
@florian.mandlmeier186 has joined the channel
iaroslav.sapak  2021-11-18 23:57:36 PST
@iaroslav.sapak has joined the channel
jmanalang  2021-11-18 14:56:48 PST
@jmanalang has joined the channel
martin.jean-philippe  2021-11-18 10:20:23 PST
@martin.jean-philippe has joined the channel
bmailletcontoz  2021-11-18 00:30:15 PST
@bmailletcontoz has joined the channel
kerem  2021-11-18 00:14:56 PST
@kerem has joined the channel
chexma  2021-11-17 23:56:24 PST
@chexma has joined the channel
miguel.velez-white.os  2021-11-17 08:11:21 PST
@miguel.velez-white.os has joined the channel
dominik.weimper  2021-11-17 08:02:26 PST
@dominik.weimper has joined the channel
kontakt230  2021-11-17 05:52:21 PST
@kontakt230 has joined the channel
sanchitarora.16  2021-11-17 02:22:08 PST
@sanchitarora.16 has joined the channel
jay.peterson  2021-11-16 14:51:39 PST
@jay.peterson has joined the channel
ggrouwstra  2021-11-16 14:45:03 PST
@ggrouwstra has joined the channel
tom443  2021-11-16 14:21:39 PST
If anyone has some Terraform experience with VmWare NSX-T provider 3.6.5 , I’m having a challenge in understanding how to properly define a “import” statement to pull in a BGP interface information. The documentation example shows: > terraform import nsxt_policy_tier0_gateway_interface.interface1 _*GW-ID/LOCALE-SERVICE-ID/ID*_ in my case the NSX-T GUI has a copy path to clipboard and that results showing the interface in the format of > /infra/tier-0s/_*T0-GW001-DEV-EGV/locale-services/default/interfaces/rp-en01-fa*_
tom443  2021-11-16 14:14:18 PST
@tom443 has joined the channel
kevin.ou  2021-11-16 10:23:38 PST
@kevin.ou has joined the channel
cristianmedeiros  2021-11-16 09:43:57 PST
@cristianmedeiros has joined the channel
erik.van.reeth  2021-11-16 02:56:38 PST
@erik.van.reeth has joined the channel
royg  2021-11-16 00:40:35 PST
@royg has joined the channel
anuj  2021-11-15 20:05:32 PST
@null Hi Jesse
robert.raczky557  2021-11-15 08:07:41 PST
Hello Everone, Has anyone been able to use pyodbc or pymssql packages in vRO or ABX, even the modules are part of the packages uploded to vRA or vRO I get error MSSQLDriverException: Connection to the database failed for an unknown reason
robert.raczky557  2021-11-15 08:03:31 PST
Hello Everone,
bjg99  2021-11-15 07:44:18 PST
Good Morning, I am using PowerOnVM try to power on VM, however I need to manually answer question from vm to proceed this function, is any way to auto answer the question or force vm to ignore the question
bjg99  2021-11-15 07:22:28 PST
@bjg99 has joined the channel
wenhua.wu  2021-11-15 01:00:49 PST
@wenhua.wu has joined the channel
robert.raczky557  2021-11-15 00:19:08 PST
@robert.raczky557 has joined the channel
h  2021-11-14 11:55:31 PST
@h has joined the channel
hieudd  2021-11-13 01:47:10 PST
@hieudd has joined the channel
jan.horrix  2021-11-12 00:34:29 PST
@jan.horrix has joined the channel
magneet_nl  2021-11-11 07:47:31 PST
@null and also use the code marker makes things more readable
jasonlu  2021-11-11 07:34:48 PST
Thanks Lillan, following is my code
khinpyaephyosan  2021-11-11 07:18:53 PST
:grimacing: may i see your code. although I don't know c# ,may check code flow.
jasonlu  2021-11-11 07:17:30 PST
I am using c#


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