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VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud, the Industry leading SD-WAN solution, is built on API and is Automation Ready. It enables seamless integrations, programmatic control of network behavior, simplified workflows and easy delivery of managed services.

Get started with the automation using the developer guide, APIs, sample programs, forums and other developer resources provided.

Code Samples

VeloCloud Orchestrator WebSocket based Remote Diagnostics Client

Contributed By priyamurthy

A Python script for performing one-off remote diagnostic actions (e.g. ARP Table Dump, DNS Test, speed tests) on aVeloCloud Edge via the VCO Websocket API for Remote Diagnostics. The output format can ...

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Azure CLI script to deploy single VMware SD-WAN edge with 2 nics

Contributed By vfrancadesou

... # Sample Azure CLI script that dddmple Azure CLI script that provisions a VMware SD-WAN Edge in Azure Greenfield # # Original file from: ...

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